Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Few More Monograms...

Over the past few months, I have started doing a lot of monograms for clients that plan to use the monogram on their own. The request have ranged from brides that are doing a diy wedding and want the monogram to use throughout to grandmothers wanted monograms for their beautiful grandchildren. I love meeting people from all over the country through my monograms. Since the monogram is such a hands-on process, I feel like I really get to know each of my clients; their style, their visions and their crafting abilities. Below are four new monograms that have been lovingly designed over the past couple of months. Hope you enjoy!

Designed for a grandmother who was giving them to her granddaughters (or their moms)

Designed for a bride that wanted a classic monogram with a little extra flair. 

Designed for a Southern bride that wants to use her monogram everywhere! I was also able to work with the lovely mother-of-the-bride on this one.


BECCA ROO! said...

Your typography and especially your monograms are absolutely stunning! I almost screamed when I saw them. Nice work!

Lindsay Chenault Bolton said...

Thank you Becca! I am so glad you enjoy the monograms.