Monday, July 30, 2012

Catherine and Derek's Military Wedding

Catherine is actually the little sister of my little brother's best friend (long winded way of saying "we grew up together"). I was thrilled when she contacted me about designing her wedding invitations. Catherine's fiance, now husband, returned from his deployment right before the wedding. Needless to say, Catherine wanted to have elements in the invitation that honored Derek's service, but also wanted an elegant, modern and simple invitation. We incorporated the colors of Derek's formal blue uniform (which he would wear at the ceremony) into the invitation by using navy and gold letterpress on a thick cotton paper. The off-center alignment of the invitation gives it a slight contemporary flair, and allows Catherine and Derek's custom monogram to become the hero.

This was the second military wedding I helped design invitations for this summer. I have so much respect for both of the couples I worked with. They have such a strong bond of love, patience and understanding. It is such an honor to be a small part of their wedding. I hope you enjoy.


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Amy said...

This is beautiful, Lindsay!