Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Design: Ten Year Anniversary Monogram

Eric emailed me about a month ago wanting a completely custom monogram for a ten year anniversary gift for his wife. I was so impressed by his obvious love for his wife, his thoughtful and creative gift giving and his planning ahead.

This monogram was a lot of fun to create partially because of it's ornate characteristics and detailing. Eric wanted a monogram that wasn't too feminine (obviously) but that had plenty of natural flourishes, a tiny bird, the year he married is beautiful wife (2001), and could eventually be etched into glass or engraved onto silver (he couldn't decide which one). In order to fit in everything desired, we went through a couple of rounds of pencil sketches before we finished the perfect monogram. I am pleased with the outcome, but more importantly...

I got an email last night from Eric while they are on a romantic anniversary get-a-way. He presented his wife with the monogram at lunch and she LOVED it. Supposedly she wants to put in on a silver platter and a pendant. I cannot wait to see pictures.

Honestly, it made my week to get such a special email from a client especially while he was on vacation. I feel so honored to be a tiny part in making their day a little more special. My clients are fantastic and are truly the reason I love my job!

*All monograms are the property of Lindsay Chenault Bolton and can not be reproduced without proper recognition.

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