Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Intrigued and Inspired By: Montreal's New Tourism Campaign

These crazy creatures have been on my radar for the past month or so. I keep spotting them both in print and online. I was instantly hooked by their curious presence (What are they?) and by the beautiful illustration quality (Can we say yes to color and line?). Reid forwarded me the above ad from the New Yorker this morning, and I decided it was time to start digging. This group of hybrid animals are the voice of Montreal's tourism campaign. It is hard to find out much about them–which is an utter shame. In my opinion, these guys could be a huge success. Why you ask? They are quirky and visually stimulating. They have distinct personalities that are witty and humorous. And, they are WAY out of the box for current advertising trends.
Bearcan: not to be read beercan, but half bear and half toucan

Deerus: Half Walrus Half Deer

Squirrog: Half Squirrel Half Frog

The Ceagle Brothers: Half Eagle Half Cat

I just adore them all. We are actually headed to Montreal with Reid's parents for a weekend vacation, and I might stalk these ads all over town. I am hoping they are easier to find in Montreal. Until I find out more, does anyone know what agency or illustrator is behind this? I want to give them the credit they deserve.

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