Monday, June 27, 2011

Starting a Vintage Sign Letter Collection...


I am finally going to stop talking about how much I love old sign letters, and I am going to do something about it. I am starting a collection - today (or tomorrow after you help me make my first purchase decision). This collection is going to be legendary (at least for me). Old letters make me so happy.

In 2005, I tried to start my collection with a beautiful 2 foot plastic "A" (seen here in my first Chicago Apartment) that I bought at Standard Deluxe during the Old 280 Boogie Woogie in Waverly, Alabama. It was quite a conversation piece in every place I lived. Since it was such a treasured find and my first authentic vintage sign letter, I always placed it in a prominent spot for all to see. People, especially my husband, didn't understand why I had a giant "A" as decoration. They just didn't get it. I bought an "A" because it is one of my favorite typographic forms. I guess an "L" or a "C" would have needed less explanation, but they are boring letterforms. Sadly my "Waverly A" was knocked off of a shelf by Russell, the cat, about a year ago. I was devastated.

Which brings me to today...
I am going to start my new collection with an obvious letterform, "B". Since I got married, I finally have a great typographic form that doesn't require explanation. Today, I started researching old sign letters, and I found a great place to buy them online called Bay City Cargo. I am also swooning over Kidimo (pictured above). They are a Parisian boutique specializing in found letters. They are out of my price range, but their studio and letter pieces are amazingly inspirational.

I need your help with my "B".

My two favorites from Bay City Cargo are below. Which one do you like? Leave a comment and let me know. I am buying one of the two tomorrow depending on which one gets the most votes.

Option #1: Red See-through Plastic (17 inches tall)

Option #2: Worn Plastic (17 inches tall)

Also, if anyone has any flea markets or antique stores that have sign letters please let me know. Thanks!!!

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Sarah said...

Oh darn - I like them both!! The first one has a nice pop though.