Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Design: Elyse & Josh's Hometown Wedding Invitation

When Elyse and Josh approached me about designing their wedding invitations a few things were very clear from the start: they wanted invitations that clearly expressed who they were as a couple, they had a modern, organic and playful sense of style, and they were not afraid to experiment with printing and color. We played around with multiple design options and finally settled on a "hometown" themed invitation that showcased (through blind impression) the beautiful rivers and lakes of Rochester, NY. Elyse and Josh both cherish time outdoors – hiking, biking and camping, which made this design a perfect fit.

Response Card

With matching envelopes

Elyse & Josh's monogram

The design consisted of a deep, earthy green that matched both the outer and RSVP envelope. We also created a custom compass rose monogram that Elyse plans to use throughout the wedding. The final invitation suite was printed by Letterpress Chicago who did a fantastic job with the detailed blind impression map.


Tom Gorman said...

This is completely and totally awesome. Now I wish we had done a blind impression

Emily said...

This is amazing!