Friday, April 1, 2011

Paper Rain...

Happy Friday, even if it is pouring outside. Rain on the first day of April seems so cliche, right? Oh well...

The dreary weather actually has me motivated today, which is a rare thing. My weather muse is normally snow, but today I will take the rain motivation. It seems like weather is a major motivator for a lot of artists and designers. Some like the sun, others snow (like me),  maybe some like sleet, and then others, like my husband, love rain. Below are some inspirational rain images all made from paper. Do you have a weather muse?

This is such a pretty monochromatic collage (found here)

This acrylic and ink painting by Helena Hannukainen is stunning, don't you think?
I love the simple, cool color palette and the detailed lines. AMAZING...

Simple, to-the-point and beautiful colors.  
This screen print by Summersville on etsy sure helps brighten up a rainy day.  

Super cool 3D raindrop hangers. I also love the Kraft paper clouds above them. 
I don't know if I am hip enough to pull this off, but it is super inspirational.
Thanks DesignLoveFest (a completely awesome and inspirational blog) for posting this.

The textures in this print from etsy combined with the hip, warm and modern color palette make me want to buy this right now. 

 And this one just makes me smile! Hilarious. I am so impressed by the posing of this cat. Mine would never let me photograph something like that. Check out Fluffy's other photos here.

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