Monday, April 4, 2011

Inspiration Overload: Hand Painted Signs by Heidi Tullmann

I am always completely inspired by, and also slightly jealous of talented sign painters. Each of their painted letters are individualistic, original and show the time, love and dedication of a true type-lover.

Sign painting is a practically extinct industry and those that still do it well are, well, AMAZING! You kind of have to be if you are going to make a living doing something most of the world considers a dead art. It is so sad really, but most people think that the sign shop down the street can make a much better, faster and more affordable digitally printed sign. They may be right about speed and affordability (to note, I use sign companies plenty), but you cannot deny the pure beauty of a hand painted signs.

Today I stumbled upon Heidi Tullmann's website while reading Lettercult. Her hand lettering is to-die for. She brings a historical appreciation of sign painting to her work, but also adds in modern and graphic appeal. I really appreciate the beautiful repurposing of abandoned shacks on the side of the road into works of art. Great stuff, huh?


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