Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Design: Diana & Ian's Save the Date and Website!

For the past week, I have been not-so-patiently waiting to show you Diana & Ian's save the dates and wedding website design. I wanted to make sure each save the date had a chance to arrive at its destination before I jumped the gun and posted them to the world wide web.

Diana and Ian are getting married at the Chicago Cultural Center early next fall. They are a great couple with wonderfully classic style and a keen eye for the tiniest design details, which makes them a blast to work with on stationery. For the save the dates, the couple wanted to do high quality photo magnets with envelope liners and address labels (yay!). The purple pattern and the color palette are both inspired by the Tiffany Dome at the CCC and will be used throughout the stationery suite.

Once everything was printed we had a fun assembly party (Ian and Reid, my husband, where thrilled about lining envelopes).

I also designed their wedding website using the same pattern and colors. I can't wait to share their invites and custom monogram with you once they are done.

Hope you enjoy!


Sarah said...

Lindsay, that's beautiful work!! I love everything about it. Great job!!

Melissa Millsap said...

This makes me giddy with excitement!!

Lavonne Seaton said...

I, too, love how the invitation turned out. This is a definition of “simple yet, elegant!” I wish I could feel the paper with my fingers. It looks expensive. The couple have a keen eye for details, indeed! Invitations will be much appreciated if they reached their respective destinations. Having both, website invitation and the formal envelope wedding invitation, is a great idea. Now, no one can have the excuse that they didn't receive an invitation. I hope that I could see some actual photos from the wedding. I bet they are as beautiful as these invitations.

Lavonne Seaton