Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TCHO Chocolate Inspiration

I ran into Macy's State Street the other day to pick up one tiny thing, but came out with a few boxes of fabulous chocolate (pictured above). While walking through the 75% off gift section, I spotted TCHO's holiday gift boxes and couldn't pass up the great deal (fancy chocolate at a very reasonable price) or the stunning package design.

I have been very impressed with TCHO's package design for quite some time. The San Francisco company uses simple and modern design to grab the attention of the design conscious. Recently they joined forces with Max Kisman, a Dutch illustrator, to create a remarkable holiday campaign. Kisman's work has also been an inspiration to me in the past. He works with a cut paper aesthetic which strongly plays with positive/negative space leading to subtle meaning and humor. Each illustration also uses bold colors in an effective way that is hard to achieve.

TCHO + Kisman = Design Inspiration Love!!! What do you think?

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