Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010 & Hello 2011

an engagement photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie


2010 was an overall great year both personally and professionally. January 1st always leads to reflection over the previous year. I am so thankful for all that happened this year. Topping the list of wonderful things in 2010 is the fact that on June 19 I married my best friend and "now" fantastic husband, Reid. It was truly the most special day of my life so far, and I will cherish the memories forever. I am a very lucky girl to have such a loving, caring and funny man in my life. Our first 6 months of marriage have been a blissful learning experience.

wedding photo from Lindsey McIntyre Photography

As for 2011, I am very excited to see what happens in the upcoming year. I feel like I am finally realizing the creative direction I want to take in life, so stay tuned for exciting changes over the next year.

Reid and I had a great discussion about our resolutions for the New Year yesterday. I want to share the few I came up with, partially so I have them written down and posted to the whole world. Hopefully, this action will hold me more accountable for them.

  • Focus: I want to stay focused on my professional goals for the year. I have a tendency to get sidetracked from all the things I dream up, but know that in order to achieve my newest goals I must stay committed.
  • Keep Perspective: I worry way too much about the silliest things. This year I am going to try and relax and not let the little things stress me out.
  • Be Domestic: I want to start cooking and tidying up more so our little apartment feels more homey. Right now, Reid cooks all the time and I take it for granted. And, I often let work get in the way of me doing little domestic things, but I am going to attempt to take breaks to accomplish this.
I really look forward to the next 365 days and to fulfilling each of these resolutions. Most importantly though, I hope that 2011 brings another healthy, happy and prosperous year for all my loved ones (including my blog readers).

Happy New Year!

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