Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inspiration Overload: Juniper Books

I love books – reading them, designing them, and collecting them. There is something simply wonderful about the tactile quality of flipping through the pages of a book that will never be matched through digital e-readers. Today, while "digitally" reading the New York Times, I was ecstatic to see an article that combined books and design.

Juniper Books, operated by Thatcher Wine, is an online store that sells books both new and old to interior designers and architectural spaces. I am fascinated by every aspect of his business, but am most inspired by his custom designed book jackets. These breathtaking jackets wrap around a wide variety of different books, but, from what I understand, the intention is to create well designed interior spaces using books as art. I am a firm believer that books can be a great example of design and/or art, and love that Wine is pushing this idea to greater heights.

Wine's clients range from wealthy home owners to national retail stores like Kiehls. The paper he uses is stunning, and his custom designs are practically magical. The photos from this post are all from his custom wrapped book (via his website) and just give a glimpse into his work, but I recommend going to both his site and the NYT's article to be inspired more.

I hope that one day I have a library big enough to have both a nice book collection and one of Wine's creations. (ahhhh – to dream.)

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