Friday, December 31, 2010

Champagne in Style

Over the holidays I have been watching a LOT of Mad Men, and, to put it simply, I absolutely adore the "Mad Men" style. I am almost finished with Season 1 – I can't believe how long it took me to start watching this series. Everything they do on the show seems classy, even when, most of the time, it's not. Each episode I watch gives me some sort of inspiration whether it's a lipstick color or a creative concept. Recently, I caught myself wanting a pair of yellow rubber gloves to do the dishes just because Betty Draper has them. It's a problem, I know.

Today, I have been thinking more about the sixties style of Mad Men and how they would celebrate the New Year. No doubt about it, they would be using beautiful crystal coupe glasses. As we get ready to head out the door for a simple celebration with a couple of friends, I wanted to share a few pictures of my favorite vintage and vintage-inspired coupe glasses. They are beautiful, and I love a glass of bubbly.

Just an FYI, if you are interested in searching for these vintage glasses online use "sherbet glasses" instead of "champagne" or "coupe". You will get many more results, which just makes me giggle inside. I guess, since most of these were made in the 50s and 60s, sherbet sounded much more refined and "appropriate". :)

Betty with a "sherbet" glass.

These are simple and elegant. Found on ebay.

Vintage Waterford Lismore coupe glass. Found at which is a fantastic place to find vintage crystal and china.

These, from Kate Spade, are festive and fun!

This incredibly festive glass, from Glastonbury and also found on, might be my absolute favorite.

Happy New Years Eve! I wish you all a fun and safe celebration tonight.

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Kelly said...

i love mad men too...for many, many reasons including the ones that you just talked about! just wait. every season is more addictive than the one before it.