Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Recycled Holiday Decorations

Sometimes the simplest things can brighten my day. For example, I become giddy when yesterday's newspaper and the pages of old books are repurposed into beautiful decorations. I absolutely love the idea of reusing things that are lying around the house, and by now, you know that I LOVE anything associated with typography and reading. So, it makes perfect sense that I would be beyond inspired by these easy-to-make and truly beautiful holiday decorations.

I have been wanting to make a newspaper wreath for some time now. This one (via) is elegantly crafted and the bright red door makes it even better. I only hope it withstands the rain!

This crazy ornament is just awesome. The fact that it is made from the stocks in the business section of a newspaper makes it even better. This would be the perfect ornament for a couple where one is an investor and one is an artist. You could attempt to make your own or buy it from kissa design.

Great idea for wrapping paper! I have seen this image a lot recently, but I got it from Oh So Beautiful Paper, which also has some other fancy newspaper ideas.

This whole setup (via) is adorable and looks VERY professional. I think I would get incredibly frustrated trying to recreate this one.

Beautiful, enough said! (image via)

Hopefully you are as inspired as I am by each of these. They make some great last minute decorating ideas, and some could even work for a great New Years Party!

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