Thursday, December 30, 2010

Farewell Kodachrome

As of today, the last role of Kodachrome film is being developed as reported by the New York Times. This is a very sad day indeed, as it shows, in my opinion, the negative affects of technology on photography. Kodachrome is (was) AMAZING – one of my absolute favs. This is probably because of its ability to capture extreme color, which I am obsessed with.

I get very morose when I think about film being retired because "everyone in the world" is digital. Honestly, there is just something about film and the photographs it produces that cannot be matched digitally. Words cannot explain, the relationship that is built between the photographer, the film and the darkroom. It's a magical relationship that isn't experienced enough today. Once upon a time, I could spend hours upon hours in a darkroom. It was a zen like experience that I still yearn for.

Anyways, I digress...

I tried to find old Kodachrome slides of my work to scan in and show you today, but they seem to be in storage. You heard me right, these beautiful slides are carefully packed in a "literal" binder somewhere down in our apartment's storage basement, and I don't have a digital version. Bummer!

Let's all take a moment to remember and honor the great Kodachrome. Oh, how you will be missed.

image via NYT

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