Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crazy for Plaid

Reid and I are headed to Seattle next month for an annual Burn's Night Celebration. What is Burn's Night, you ask? Well, from my limited understanding considering I just learned about this Scottish tradition, it is a huge celebration all over the world that honors Scotland's most famous poet, Robert Burns (pictured above). Supposedly he wrote a lot of great poems and a lot of "for adults only" poems. So, the party we plan to attend follows tradition by having the guest dress in kilts and tartans, drink good scotch, eat authentic Scottish cuisine (I'm a little nervous) and recite Burn's poems.

I am not quite sure what to expect, but Reid is tremendously excited about it. We were invited to this shin-dig by one of Reid's favorite mentors. And since Seattle is still in the running for our next place of residence we decided a weekend getaway in January would help us explore the city during the winter.

For me, I am most excited about what I get to wear. I am leaning towards wearing a cocktail dress with a tartan (Scottish sash), but I am currently having a great time researching all things fancy-plaid. I will keep you posted on what I decide to wear, and what Reid wears (a kilt?!?). If you have any of your own inspirations, I am open for suggestions.

Here are the most inspirational finds so far:

These tights by DKNY are delightful. I just got a new simple black dress and now I may need these to go with it.

This dress is playful and looks comfortable. It can be found here, but I first saw it on Elements of Style.

I love everything that sparkles, and am so glad that sequins are such a trend right now. This skirt, from J Crew, has just enough plaid and a TON of sparkle. It could be perfect for the event, and it's on sale!!!

Since it rains so much in Seattle and since I love yellow, this umbrella from Burberry would be a nice accessory.

Super cute coat from Land's End Canvas!

Finally, this dress from Proenza Schouler (one of my favorite designers) is on Rent the Runway. I really love the dress and have been dying to try Rent the Runway since my awesome sister-in-law, Sarah, loves it. I am just having trouble with the price. Hmmmm, such a tough decision.

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Sarah said...

Love this post!! I love the tights. Those would be so cute!