Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Peek into my Office & Studio

Since my office/studio (or the second bedroom of our apartment) is pretty clean today, I decided to quickly photograph the space so you can get a peek into my work environment. I have always believed that the work space of a creative mind is vital to producing good design and art. While the tiny room is not perfect by any means and is a continual work in progress, it does give a glimpse into how I work and the things and people that inspire me on a daily basis.

Posting the above picture makes me realize how much stuff I collect (books, prints, illustrations, etc). The room is a little bit like the way my mind works – all over the place but also methodical, thoughtful and creative. Even though my little room is jam-packed, I promise everything has a very important purpose and place.

The pictures are also a good way to give you some great creative links for your Thanksgiving holiday!

Above is the new "clothesline" hanger I just built. It allows me to hang a lot of inspiring work and change it as frequently as I wish without poking a TON of holes in the wall.

From Left to Right:

Above Front to Back:
  • a custom collage by my cousin and spectacular mixed-media artist, William Goodman, of Enhanced Mixture. This was his wedding present to Reid and me. I was beyond thrilled to receive it, and love keeping up with all of the new work that William is doing!
  • a piece from Lynne Gelfman. This is another wedding present from the artist and her family. We felt so honored to receive such a beautiful piece from her collection. The depth of texture and the emotion that comes from it is monumental. I cannot wait to someday have a nice big wall to really showcase it on.
Russell hard at work. He literally spends most of his day here when I am working, and he doesn't understand why he can't lie on top of the keyboard. And, if you are looking for a loving cat to add to your family this holiday season, visit Feline Friends Chicago (where we adopted Russell).

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Kate said...

Lindsay-- your work space is beautiful! Are the walls a gray color? I love all your prints. --Kate