Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We are Blockheads! Brightening my Day

So, I have been cleaning out my studio/office space this afternoon which led to some mild redecorating and finding prints that I had momentarily forgotten about. I tend to buy anything inspiring that deals with wood type, letterpress and/or linoleum cuts. During my quick but massive reorganization, I found hand printed cards that I had bought from my friend and previous student, Joseph "J" Olenik. It made my day to find these cards after months of them hiding in my drawer. Joseph's work has always made me smile with his slightly cynical but extremely playful outlook on life and design. Each card is beautifully crafted and most of them take humorous twists on things close to Joseph's life (aka, design, skateboarding and coffee!!!). I couldn't resist buying multiples (pictured are some of my favorites). They are the perfect little something to brighten your favorite "artsy" friend's day!

Joseph is the principal printer at We Are Blockheads! and makes all of his illustrations and prints completely by hand. He recently relocated to Denver and has taken his one man shop with him, but his website will allow me (and all of you) to purchase prints nationwide.

*All images from We Are Blockheads!

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