Monday, November 8, 2010

History of Graphic Design Assignment

Every term that I teach History of Graphic Design (which is turning out to be very frequently), I ask my students to do an assignment based on using history as inspiration vs. using it to copy. We then have a round table discussion about their findings. It is one of my favorite days in the class because all the students get very involved and the conversation often turns into a healthy, educational debate.

The other day while at the new Kickstand Espresso Bar, I saw the paintings of Homeless Cop, a Chicago based painter. All of his paintings, both in the cafe and on his site, are modern, edgy, controversial, colorful and geometric. Plus a wonderful combination of historical influence and pop culture.

So, if I was going to complete the above mentioned History assignment...

I would share Homeless Cop's painting, A Japanese Girl Broke my Heart...

Compared to Hokusai's The Great Wave of Kanagawa.

It is a direct and modern replica, but not a copy in my opinion. Great Use of historical inspiration. Beautiful!

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