Saturday, November 6, 2010

Go Zenyatta!!! (a perfect Saturday of food, art and horses)

Its been a couple of days since my last post, but it was my birthday so I took a little break. The last two days have been spectacular. I am not a huge birthday person, but I figured for the big 3-0 I should celebrate a little more than normal. Reid made that very easy to do – we ate hole in the wall Mexican on Thursday and he threw me a little chocolate and wine get-together last night. I am a very lucky gal.

And the weekend is off to a great start as well...

I met one of my very good friends who recently moved to LA for brunch today at Jam. It was delicious food, cool decor and wonderful to catch up with Grace. I have been dying to go to Jam for awhile now, mostly because I like ONE Design Co's website and portfolio. They build neat websites and create good branding. As we were leaving I peaked into the art space/patio next to Jam to find a couple of interesting pieces by Chicago/Texas artist Roy Tijernia. The patio is a serene and creative escape from the busy Chicago streets. Plus the two pieces that caught my attention, Ghost Herd and a large metal horse sculpture (both pictured), are visually beautiful with what I imagine to be serious statements on animals.

Ghost Herd is a statement on the Chicago stockyards. Each of the hides exudes a feeling of absence and memory. The metal horse sculpture, which I don't know the name of, contains so much emotion. The large metal creature shies away from the bustling and loud Damen St. that is directly on the other side of the metal paneling. The majestic creature outwardly shows how scared and tense he is. The metal is combined with a real halter and horse tail. Stunning! I cannot wait to go sit in the patio next spring.

I have spent the rest of my Saturday sitting around, cleaning and watching the Breeders Cup. Zenyatta, the amazing 6 year old mare, is getting ready to defend her Classic title to be undefeated in 20 starts. I truly hope she does it - she is beautiful, athletic and quite a diva. Pictured is her photo shoot from W magazine. On this note, I will complete my post to focus on the race.


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