Monday, October 29, 2012

A Few New Digital Invitatations

Over the past few months, I have had more and more requests for digital invitations for different events and announcements. Digital printing is always a great option for small quantity orders as it saves a lot of money, allows printing in multiple colors, can be printed on your choice of high-quality paper, and has a much shorter production time for those quick turn-around jobs. The three invitations below were all designed for celebrations of marriage and a baby. I hope you enjoy!

Alyssa and Tye's Shower invitation has a lot of "bridal" flair without being too feminine since it was for the ladies and their men. We kept it simple and bright.

My cousin, Amy, helped host Bethany's festive bridal shower.  She wanted the shower invite to reflect Beth's bright and playful personality, and also stay true to her wedding colors.

The final invitation was designed for Sarah, a mother of two boys who was expecting her first baby girl. The hosts of the shower wanted an overly girly invitation that incorporated a simple and classic monogram for the new previous baby.

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