Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Blog Design: On the Purple Couch

Bahia, the owner of On the Purple Couch, came to me awhile ago looking for a website and branding for her new consignment store in the DC area. I was instantly sold on her vision for the store. She wanted to create an experience for everyone that walked through the doors. The Purple Couch represents the state of mind when we are relaxed and content. It is much more than a consignment store. It blends fashion, home and the creative drive that everyone has.

Since I was so excited about the overall concept, it was easy to create a modern, relaxed and feminine look for the store. Bahia and I worked together for a few months perfecting the cohesive branding, design and collateral that included signage, paint, mailings, tags, bags, etc. And, right before the grand opening events, the simple, elegant and functional website (that Tony from Evenpar Solutions developed) was live. I am thrilled to show you the website design for On the Purple Couch. I hope you enjoy.

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