Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Website Design: Perfectly Imperfect!

I am so excited to share the newest design/development project between Tony, from Evenpar Solutions, and Chena Design. Last week, we launched the redesign of Shaunna West's Perfectly Imperfect blog. Not only am I happy with the organic, sketchy and airy design aesthetic; I feel lucky that I was able to work with such an incredible, inspirational, and charismatic entrepreneur and blogger. Shaunna had a strong vision for her new site, but also allowed the creative process to grow and evolve as we worked together. All in all, I am thrilled at the launch of this new site and cannot wait to share other new things in the works with Shaunna's site (more on that later).

I hope you enjoy and find new reading pleasure in Perfectly Imperfect!


Cristeen said...

fantastic post thanks for sharing
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The Creativity Exchange said...

Love it!! So fabulous!

Sage said...

Congratulations! I also like the design. It’s a combination of vintage and nature themes for me. Its simplicity can also attract a lot more visitors. It’s also a great idea to share your new site’s design here because your new followers can probably check it out! Btw, how long before you were able to finish this?
Sage Aumick

Kevin Beamer said...

The simplicity of the site truly has a lasting impact. I commend you guys for a job well done! The site perfectly suits what it is all about. It radiates a soothing aura, and the content complements the layout and color scheme of the site. :)

-Kevin Beamer