Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Daily Dose of Inspiration: Le Animale

To be completely honest, I have needed a bit of inspiration lately. Not inspiration for my work (that has been coming freely which I am thankful for), but more for life and running this little company of mine. Trust me, I feel very fortunate to work for myself and I have been so lucky on the small business front with plenty of work coming in from amazing clients.


It is hard to be your own boss, deal with all the inner workings of a business, and pay yourself a small but important salary. Sometimes I need a quick reminder that I have the strength to do all of this successfully.

Today I found that reminder when I spotted Laura's totem animals on her site Le Animale. How amazing are these tiny little creatures. I am pretty much in love. So much so that I impulsively bought the tiny bear below (which is SO not like me). He will give me strength, optimism, and pure joy every time I wear him.

Hope you enjoy these little guys as much as I do!

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