Thursday, February 9, 2012

Starting Up: It's been one of those weeks...

...and i mean that in the best possible way. Guaranteed, I haven't had a moment to slow down and take a deep breath, but the crazy schedule, stress and abundance of work are all a REALLY good thing. Chena Design is coming into it's own in 2012! I feel so fortunate to get to do what I adore all the time (and I do mean ALL the time). It's taken a lot of hard work, moments of doubt, mistakes here and there, and a few tears to get things up and running (and I still have loads of work to do) but I am finally beginning to see all the tiny pieces of starting your own company come together. I am grateful for all the amazing clients that I get to work with, and am excited about all the new projects in the works. I tend to get so caught up in the "go go go" attitude of life that I forget to stop, look around and celebrate the little things that really matter. So, I want to thank everyone one that has helped me along this crazy, curvy path. This post goes out to my loyal and incredible clients for challenging me everyday, to my mentors, teachers and printers for constantly teaching me new things, to my family and friends for loving me even in high-stress moments, and to my three furry, four legged friends for keeping me sane, and hanging out with me in my studio in all day.

P.S. this started as a letter to explain why I haven't been blogging much, and turned into much more, so thanks for reading.

*Above is a typographic illustration by Jessica Hische, who is a constant inspiration, as she pays tribute to Doyald Young, the master of hand-written letters and another huge inspiration.

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