Monday, September 12, 2011

Inspiration Overload: Sketchbuch

At this point next week, I will be in Spain with my hubby. I am counting down the seconds, and am giddy beyond belief.

Today while perusing pinterest, I stumbled upon the amazing sketchbooks of Sketchbuch (this is his flickr profile name - sadly I don't know his real name). His work is breathtaking. Look at all the layers, the handwritten text and the colors. I wish I could make myself create a book like this while we are on our Spanish voyage. Can you imagine how wonderful it must be to relive a trip through your own doodles and journal entries? I do miss sketching randomly and from life so maybe I will attempt it...

In the meantime, hope you enjoy these glorious images from Sketchbuchs trips.

From Italy:

I adore lime green with warm oranges! The food, type and patterned table cloth help the illustration come alive. I can almost smell the food. 

Old sculptures vs. new dapper shoes. Who wins?

Watercolored type is one of my all time favs!

From Europe:

The top spread looks old and worn, and the bottom spread is modern and lively.

New York:

I love the long and lean image mixed with white space. 
The layout of each page is so organic and fresh, but also feel so balanced. 

The line quality of this spread has so much character. 
Cupcakes, stand-mixers and cats are some of my favorite things. 

Dominican Republic:

Hand drawn type love!

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WIDLoveSP said...

I tried to do a daily sketchbook for my stay in Korea but that failed after 100+ days... with a couple of skipped days in between :( If I could sketch like him, I would probably own 10000000+ sketchbooks! THESE ARE AWESOME! Love his style/color EVERYTHING! Thanks for sharing these!!