Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nostalgic for Home

I was in Houston for the past couple of days both for work and pleasure. Work trips are always better when you are able to stay with your parents and see all your siblings (plus I love the people I get to work with). It was a wonderful trip filled with good food, shopping with my mom, bike riding with my dad, a good ol' Texas party (for my brother and sis-in-law who are moving to the Windy City) and meeting with a few of my wonderful clients! All-in-all it made me a little nostalgic for Texas, the place I call "home. As silly as it may be, I am a Texas girl at heart and am darn proud of it.

In honor of my Texas pride, I found a couple of adorable Texas-themed designs to share with you...

Absolutely gorgeous! Poppy and Pinecone have almost every state on their etsy shop. 

Yellow + Type + Texas + Affordable = I might have to buy this. By Parada Creations

I love the hand-drawn type here. By Mandipidy

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