Friday, July 22, 2011

New Design: Monograms Galore

Over the past few months I have been doing a bunch of new monograms for wonderful clients who all had unique visions for their custom creation. In the past, most of my clients use their monograms for personal and/or wedding stationery, but lately a few clients have bigger plans for their monograms, including using them for embroidery, decorating and engraving. Below I wanted to share a few of the most recent designs. Hope you enjoy and Happy Weekend!

Liz wanted an elegantly modern one letter monogram to use on her wedding stationery. After we finalized the letter and printed the stationery, she kept finding new ways to use her monogram. Recently, we sent it to her lighting specialist so he can shine it on the dance floor during the reception. How cool is that???
One of my previous monogram clients bought her mother a monogram for Mother's Day. Great gift in my opinion. Mary Ann wanted something playful and feminine. Once we finished her monogram (above) she gave it to her mother to hand embroider. I cannot wait to see the end result that incorporated 3 generations of fabulous women. 
Annie's monogram is going to be used throughout her wedding stationery. It has a simple, classic charm that I adore. 

Julie's also wanted a monogram for her and her soon-to-be husband to use once they tie the knot. She had a very modern vision, and didn't want too many curves and flourishes. In the end we decided on a beautiful linear monogram with a graphic quality. 

*Please remember that all monograms are the property of Chena Design. Do not reproduce them unless it is to a personal blog and credit is given. 


Tiffany H said...

i need this font!!!!!!! whre did you get it or can i get it from you?

Tiffany H said...

where id you get this font, i need it. thank you!

Tammy said...

May I ask if you could send me a sample of how this would look for my husband and I? We have wanted something elegant but edgy at the same time only problem is my first initial is T, his is J and our last name begins with H. We have yet to find anything that looks good. Please help.


I love your monograms. I would like to embroider it also. How do I get the rest of the alphabet? Keep up the good work. Janine