Monday, July 18, 2011

Found Monogram: Merchandise Mart

I often overlook Chicago's largest architectural landmark, The Merchandise Mart. Its size alone is daunting. Have you ever tried to get from one corner to the other? I find it impossible. Because of how overwhelmed it makes me, I usually try to erase all thoughts of it from my mind. But, this past Saturday I leisurely walked by it on my way home, and because I wasn't trying to make it to a meeting, find a cup coffee, or catch a train, I was able to admire it's grand historical beauty. The Merchandise Mart is an incredible Art Deco building – not to mention that it has a simple, modern, and linear monogram as its original logo. Most of the monograms I do are inspired by ornate Victorian monograms that are filled with flourishes and details, so I find it very refreshing to see a minimal historic monogram. The Mart's monogram is all about lines and shape and their relationship to each other. Yes, it kind-of looks like a spider, but its fun and it fits the architecture and size of the building.

I can't wait to research more Art Deco monograms. Can anyone think of any on a building near you?


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