Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Glassybaby Craze!

When we were in Seattle a couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to the Glassybaby craze by running into an extremely long line of women waiting to buy these beautiful, small candle holders at the annual sample sale in Medrona. We were on our way to brunch at 10am. Some of these women had been standing in line since 2am. I was baffled. I couldn't understand why Glassybabies were such a hot commodity. My friend, Brittany (a Seattle native), tried to explain it to me but it didn't click until yesterday when I received a tiny surprise package in the mail. I had no idea what it was, and the unveiling process was magical. I was like a kid on Christmas morning. Brittany (and her fiance Andrew) had sent us our first Glassybaby. I am so glad that I ran and grabbed my camera when I saw the impeccable and inspiring gift wrapping so I can now share it with you...

The care that went into wrapping my "Happiness" Glassybaby matches the love that goes into the hand-creating of each vessel. Both the packaging and the actual Glassybaby are truly beautiful. The gift wrapping was truly inspirational since I have been brainstorming this week how I want to package my design products when I send them to clients.

This is an amazing product made by an company built on strong values and handmade with love. I am beyond thrilled to own my first Glassybaby, and I may become part of the craze if we move to Seattle. Thanks Brittany and Andrew for such a lovely mid-week surprise!!!

These pictures (via) are from the Medrona studio and store where we saw the crazy line of Glassybaby fans. I am determined to go into the studio next time I am there since I couldn't this past trip.

*Above is the new home for our Glassybaby.


Kate said...

I want one!

Brittany said...

What a perfect spot for your first glassybaby:) Glad you like it and now you have me ever more curious about them.