Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Walk in the Park & Random Inspiration

This past Saturday we woke up to a glorious and sunny morning, which I am learning is quite rare during a Seattle winter, and decided we needed to take full advantage of the weather. So we met up with some good friends to grab brunch in Madrona (an adorable and quaint neighborhood near downtown) and then headed to Seward Park for a brisk stroll. While walking, talking and taking in the beautiful Northwest landscape, we came upon this random pile of burlap coffee bags. I was instantly struck by the color, texture and typography of the sacks. It was obvious that they were going to be used for an upcoming landscape project at the park, and it took every ounce of my overly-guilty conscience not to take a few for myself. While convincing ourselves that stealing is wrong, I was able to snap a bunch of photos.

These bags are really beautiful. The photos don't do them enough justice. There is just something incredibly inspiring about their simplicity and organic quality.

Below are some very inspiring examples of how burlap coffee sacks can be used creatively for home decorating and fashion. If only I had been able to get my hands on a couple without feeling guilty.

This chair looks incredibly classy, but it could just be the large formal portrait. (photo via)

Such a nice touch to any nook with a lot of natural light. (photo via)

This one is from a coffee shop near Seattle. (photo via)

I love the informal and natural coffee sack upholstered on the formal Ottoman. (photo via)

This bag is awesome in so many ways. It feels very Seattle. (photo via)

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