Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter is Here and Snow is Falling

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I get absolutely giddy at the first snowfall. I was excited last night when two microscopic flurries hit my face, and am ecstatic that I woke up this morning to full blown snow. It is even starting to stick on the ground, and since I live right in the middle of downtown that really means something. The cats are in a trance sitting by the window watching the flakes fall. I am in my office, but run to the window every 30 minutes to make sure it is still falling. Silly, I know! But I adore it. As a girl that grew up in Houston, who knew that when I moved to Chicago I would fall in love with snow and winter to the extent that I have. I don't know if I can live without it anymore.

Some of the best things about snow are: it's white, it's fluffy, it doesn't mess up my hair like rain does, it allows for all sorts of new winter sports and activities, and it inspires me creatively and makes me WAY more productive. That last one may seem weird, but it is completely true. From now until March I constantly feel the creative juices flowing (as long as it is snowing). Weird, maybe, but it works for me.

So, enough about me and my passion for snow.

Since it is the first snow, it seems like the perfect day to share The Starn Twins with you. These identical twins and collaborators are among my favorites. Pictured are a couple of shots from an older series, Alleverythingthatisyou. These snowflakes are actually the photographs that made me fall in love with this pair.

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The Starn Twins are contemporary photographers and artists whose work focuses on extreme scale and altering our perception of the world. In this series, they have taken microscopic photos of individual snowflakes and blown them up to an enormous proportion. In my opinion, each snowflake makes us question individuality and uniqueness. Even if you ignore the artistic meaning, you can't help but see the pure beauty in each piece. I am always inspired and impressed by artists that can take the ordinary and transcend it into a whole new visual realm. As an artist, it is important to change the way people see the thing around them.

If you are intrigued here are a couple of links about the Starn Twins:
*All artwork is the property of Starn Studio

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