Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Longman & Eagle

Sometimes you just walk into a place and let out a HUGE satisfied sigh because you know that this place is a place to remember. I had one of those rare "special" moments as soon as I walked into Longman & Eagle last Saturday. We had been reading about the Logan Square bar, restaurant and soon-to-be inn for months now, but had not made the time for a trip up the blue line. My brother being in town was the perfect opportunity to hit up this much-hyped about locale especially since we wanted to sell Lee on living in Chicago.

Now, I am not a food critic nor do I ever want to pose as one, but I will say that all three of us were quite content with our meals. The brunch options were unique, seasonal and appetizing. The Bloody Marys the men got were "words-cannot-express" fantastic, and I always love a good ginger beer. On to the good stuff and the good vibe that L&E projects...

Any place that has a pumpkin carving party with PBR has to be awesome, right? The answer in my opinion is a unanimous YES! Plus when you walk up to the door all you see is a large metal ampersand (pictured above). As a lover of all things type, I really appreciate good usage of the ampersand. The ampersand becomes the "icon" for Longman & Eagle and appears everywhere from the menus to the shirts. The place is filled with great, contemporary art, design and letterpress – check out their Awesome blog if you want to see more art and design inspiration. Plus they have a Wurlitzer Statesman jukebox from 1970. It is breathtakingly kitchy with its mountainscape background and captured my attention for most of the meal. Sadly, I couldn't get my own picture because of the glare, so I took one from L&Es website.

Below is an authentic Wurlitzer Statesman ad just to give you a little laugh.

All in all, our trip to Longman & Eagle was pretty incredible. I think we will be back in the near future!

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I KNOW!!!! that place is amazing...all around. and the food is spectacular.