Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Inspiration: Eleanor Grosch

I first saw Eleanor Grosch's illustrations a couple of years ago thanks to Grain Edit. Ever since, I have been heavily inspired by her work. Initially, her illustrations prompted me to create a technical assignment for my beginning illustration class where they had to create an animal out of basic line, geometric shape and minimal color. Now, I just love looking at her new illustrations (I am most impressed by her animals) on her website and checking her awesome blog – both found here,

Today, I found out that she has designed a series of holiday cards for tinyprints. Her Thanksgiving cards are above. How fantastic is the combination of pumpkin pie and a turkey in her simple, sophisticated illustration?

On her website, she has a series of desktop wallpapers. I couldn't resist and just changed my screen to the giraffe with its warm fall colors and use of asterisks as spots.

Who can resist a cute dachshund?

Have a great weekend everyone! We have lots of design, crafts and grocery shopping planned. I promise to post as I am inspired. (And I just got a new printer so expect some new photos of my work soon!!!)

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