Friday, October 15, 2010

So What if I am a Cat Person?

My husband, Reid sent me a link to this article yesterday afternoon.

Cat People Are People, Too

He knows if he wants me to read something asap it needs to do with art and design, or animals... If an article arrives in my inbox that is not about those three things, it takes me awhile to read it (even though I will eventually get to it). As you can see, this is where my priorities lie. Those of you who know me, know that I adore all animals big, small, furry or not. Living right dab in the middle of a big city doesn't allow me to get my full fill of wildlife. I try to fill the lack of creatures by watching Animal Planet (embarrassing, but at least I admit it), and snuggling with my two, beautiful cats. That's right, I have two and am proud of it, and "snuggling" may have been a bit ambitious as neither of my young, male cats love to snuggle on a regular basis. Although, Agador (pictured) is currently in my lap as I type this. Agador and Russell are a joy to our newly married life. They liven up our relatively routine lives with their wrestling, playing and occasionally knocking things over, and give us something to care for on a daily basis. Russell even wakes us up each morning by opening our bedroom blinds. It is amazing how a pet can become such a vital part of your family.

Needless to say, when I saw Sloane Crosley's article in my inbox, I knew it was an immediate read. The opinion article is a must for all cat people and even cat haters. It puts everything I have ever thought about cats, the people who love them and the people who don't into words.

Now, let's just hope our cats like it when we have the space to get a dog!


anonymous said...

I agree! I don't know how dog people do it in the winter. Walking their dogs 2-3 times a day??? Cats all the way.

Jessica said...

Agreed! My roommate can never go to happy hour after work because she has to go home and let her dog out. I love having a cat :)