Friday, October 15, 2010

Dreaming of Icebergs

Last night I had one of the most visually vivid dreams in a very long time. The basic premise, leaving out the crazy plot and numerous twists that normally fill my head during sleep, was that I was carrying my two brothers and my husband through the Southern Ocean back to the coast of Antarctica. Visually the dream was breathtaking... I struggled to swim through crystal clear blue water that was filled with millions of icebergs that resembled perfect crystals. I clearly remember reaching out and touching each of the icebergs to absorb their beauty. At a couple of points, the men I was carrying told me to stop wasting time looking at the colors and get them to safety. I cannot clearly remember why we were fleeing or why we were in Antarctica to begin with. All I know is that the water didn't seem very cold, it was filled with sunshine and reflective light, and that icebergs (which I have always considered relatively scary) were hands-down the most spectacular things I had ever seen. I woke up before anything dramatic happened with our safety, so let's all pretend that we arrived in Antarctica unscathed.

I looked up what "dreaming about icebergs" means and didn't find much, something about not living up to my potential or delaying a big decision??? Time will tell what it subconsciously means. In the meantime, I have some serious creative juices flowing from all the visuals of last night. Honestly, I wish I could go back to the magic waters of Antarctica tonight to relive it all. Hopefully a new drawing or illustration will come from the above inspiration board. I will keep you posted if it does.

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