Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Owl Inspiration

I am at the beginning stages of a new illustration project that involves birds (owls in particular) and the forest landscape. Whenever I start a project, I begin by doing tons of image and visual research. My illustrations tend to be very whimsical and playful particularly since they are for the baby market, but I still want them to accurately portray the animal. Since I don't know anyone with a pet owl, the best place to search is the beloved "google." Above is my first image research board. The collection of images will help me establish the shape, build and personality of my future illustrated owl.

I have always felt that owls had a regal and stately presence. Unlike a lot of birds of prey, they don't seem to need to prove themselves. They just wait, listen and intently watch until they can get what they want. Of course, I am anthropomorphizing here but I do that a lot, so it is better to just go with it.

Also, owls are EVERYWHERE right now. Both because Halloween is right around the corner and because they have had a big comeback in design in recent years.

This morning when starting my research for owl images, I found these adorable pieces of owl paraphernalia...

This awesome bowl is by Jennifer Falter and can be found on Artful Living.

I love this pillow from My Tiny Star on etsy. This is actually a DIY kit.

Love Them! Find them at Urban Outfitters.

Adorable! Need I say more. Find it at Bellamina's etsy store.

Owl necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane.

I am always inspired and mesmerized by Jonathan Adler. Especially the way he designs animals in a minimal, geometric and modern way. Love the new owl ornament.

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