Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Keep Thinking About: Never Let Me Go

I made Reid go see Never Let Me Go, the new film based off the book by Kazuo Ishiguro last night. It is not his type of movie at all (slow, depressing and beautiful) so I was thrilled that he agreed to go. We both enjoyed it even though Reid was sad for the rest of the evening.

The film is breathtakingly beautiful and has a very innovative and interesting storyline. Not to mention that the acting, especially Carey Mulligan, is superb in an award nomination sort of way. However, it doesn't always build on the subtle yet complex hints about the characters and who or what they actually are. The viewer is left to puzzle piece things together - which could be a good or not-so-good thing depending on the viewer. I was left wanting to know more, but am glad that the director, Mark Romanek kept it at the 2 hour mark.

I know I appreciate a film when I continue to think about it for hours and days to follow. This movie has my mind doing circles and questioning (without giving too much away) the ethics of "soul vs no-soul". Although, the story made me sad and holding back tears it also showcased the raw beauty of humanity, love and loss.

Honestly, I wish I had read the book before seeing the film. While watching the story progress you can tell that we miss a lot of details that would have been included in the book. I never read a book after I see a movie – I am one of the people who normally tries to read everything before seeing the movie and then am highly disappointed at the recreation. Maybe doing it in reverse is the better way to go?

Below is one of the book covers for Never Let Me Go designed by Keenan. It is a pretty good cover design if I do say so myself. Bold type and portrait imagery set the perfect tone.

All in all I highly recommend the film (as long as you like slow and beautiful).

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