Thursday, October 28, 2010

Food and the Tango

First things First, I apologize for not posting yesterday. I realize I may only be apologizing to myself, but when I started the blog I had a goal of posting every weekday. Yesterday got a little crazy – my brother, Lee, was flying into town and we also had a birthday dinner with one of our friends, Braden. Which leads to today's inspiration...

Last night after fighting the extreme Chicago wind and the filming of Rachel McAdam's new flick Vow, we arrived at Tango Sur, a fantastic and authentic Argentinian restaurant. As you can imagine the menu is full of extremely large steak dishes plus an appetizer of melted cheese on a plate (it was delicious, if you were curious). Tango Sur pleases its customers, me in particular, with more than just its food (especially since I am not a red meat lover). The vibe of this place is straight out of a movie. The moment you walk in the door you are transcended into what I imagine Buenos Aires being. It is crowded, lite only by candle light, and has a guitar player serenading the place. Can I say – inspiration overload. This post goes out to the Tango, the cow and all things Argentinian.

This poster is weird and beautiful at the same time. It was hanging in a very prominent location of the main dining room of Tango Sur, so I can only imagine it is a famous Argentinian film. However, nowhere on the world wide web can tell me much about it, including Wikipedia. All I know is its a romantic drama from 1946. Seriously, is the man's arm hiding behind buildings or has it been ripped off? It's hard to tell. How many of us can remember a time when we couldn't draw a hand or foot in art class so we covered it with something "creative." Also, why is he blue? Beautiful complimentary color palette but blue is never appealing as a skin tone. All that said, there is something weirdly beautiful about the poster in a 1940s kinda way.

There is just something about cowhide this year. I have seen it everywhere. Maybe it's the Texas in me, but I love the look. It is rustic, woodsy and natural. This Canyon Cowhide rug is stunning. I am just not sure I could take looking at the poor cow hide everyday – not to mention, its way out of my price range.

While looking for Argentinian textiles, I found this fantastic gallery in Buenos Aires. Arte Etnico is a gallery full of hand-crafted art and decor. "Me encanta!"

The tango is sexy and so is this dress by ADAM. Red and black scream seduction which defines the Argentinian dance. However, because of its short length you may not actually want to do the tango in it.
I have been day dreaming about these shoes by Deena & Ozzy since I saw them in the Urban Outfitters window a few months ago. Guess what, now they are on sale.

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Emily said...

Vance and I went to Tango Sur for our first date! Glad you liked it.