Monday, December 12, 2011

Days 4 & 5: Starshaped Press

I completely forgot to post on Friday, so I am doing a double image post today to try to make up for it. Both images are from the amazing Starshaped Press. I have always been so impressed with Starshaped Press' ability to respect wood and metal type and ornaments while creating incredible imagery and compositions. Their work is so authentic to the history and art of letterpress. The holiday card (above) is made completely out of type ornaments (not to be confused with the ornaments you put on a tree) and the wrapping paper (below) is all wood type and ornaments. If my presents were wrapped in this I wouldn't even need an actual present. Just wrap up an empty box and I would be happy! Both of these images can be bought at Starshaped Press' etsy store.

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