Thursday, November 17, 2011

Starting Up: Can a tidy office really exist???

UGHHH!!! My office is a disaster right now. It consists of paper samples, swatches, ribbon, printouts, boxes, and books galore. Not to mention, our new puppy has decided it is her favorite room which means puppy toys are everywhere. I am normally fully in the work zone when I am in my office that I don't think about keeping it super tidy. I know where everything is, and that's all the matters, right? Well, maybe not...

Recently, I have been doing a lot of planning, branding and growing of my small little company (Chena). If I am spending all this time, energy and stress creating my very own small business, shouldn't my office reflect the same sense of professionalism?

The answer is, without a doubt, YES! So, as of today, it has become my newest home improvement project. I am dreaming about organizing, which is very rare. I can't wait to buy boxes, paper shelves, etc. Honestly my current office space, when tidy, is a pretty good reflection of my creative style, but I want to push it more with paint, bulletin boards, shelves, etc. My office should become my design Mecca. I will try and keep you in the loop as I work to develop my new and improved work space.

As a starting point, I have gathered some inspirational creative offices. I only hope in the end mine looks this stunning. Enjoy!

I am digging the clean look and white space here. Plus, I always LOVE orange. 

This work space is pretty close to perfect. My only change would be a color instead of black. 

Pretty and a little shabby chic. I like all the cubbies and the green wall. I am starting to see a pattern in loving color on the walls. 

Again, the cubbies are wonderful. Also love the magazine bins in this office. 

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Blake said...

You will definitely be able to focus more on your work if your office is free from clutter. And since you love designing, I think renovating your office will be a piece of cake for you. I like that picture of the green office, by the way. I think you should take that as your inspiration because the color green can make you more productive and motivated. Good luck!

Blake Mitchell