Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Beautiful & Quirky Illustration to Brighten the Day!

I just spotted this INCREDIBLE illustration by 29chelizi on pinterest, and I could help but share it with you. It's playful and weird and it made me giggle the second I spotted it! I adore the animal heads and the personalities I instantly give each of them. Look at Mr. Cat – he looks so serious, a little uptight and like an absolute bore (and I am a cat person!). The pumpkin head is the cherry on top. He is so out of place its hilarious. I hope this image makes you smile. It sure was a refreshing chuckle for me after a long and busy day of work.


Carla said...

I totally thought Mr. Cat was a Ms. :)

Lindsay Chenault Bolton said...

you are probably right - it is all in the shoes. Still looks snotty though