Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tickets to Spain (check)

After a lot of back and forth on destination, searching for flight deals and figuring out the amount of time I could take off work, we finally booked two tickets to Madrid for Reid's Bar Trip. For all the non-lawyers out there, myself included, this is a trip to celebrate the completion of the Bar Exam and is also the final big vacation before starting the "real world" at a law firm with LONG hours and unexpected last minute deadlines. I am so excited to travel to Spain as it has been a dream destination ever since my parents went to Barcelona for the 1992 Olympics. The Spanish culture, art and design has always been a huge inspiration to me, and I cannot wait to see it all in person.

Both posters are from David Klein's famous TWA poster series created in 1960. I really appreciate and respect most of his illustration work, but his travel posters are among my absolute favorites. These colorful illustrations capture the beauty of Spanish culture through the movement and fashion of matadors and flamenco dancers. I simply don't agree with bull fighting at all so we will not be attending one, but matadors do have a very strong historical presence. On the other hand, flamenco dancing is breathtaking and I do want to check seeing the "real thing" off of my to-do list. Klein captures the over-the-top elegance of both outfits beautifully. Also, the color combinations used combined with the extreme spacial relationship of the figures are what make them memorable piece of design history. Are the typefaces cliche? Totally, but I like the kitschy Spanish vibe.

Does anyone have any Spanish recommendations for our trip?


Matt and Amy said...

San Sebastian! I had the best meal I have ever had in my entire life there. I would go back there just for that, but its also beyond beautiful!

Sarah said...

So cool! When are you going?

Melissa Millsap said...

Will you be able to visit Sevilla? AMAZING city!!!!

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