Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dreaming of Glass Door Knobs...


For as long as I can remember, I have loved glass door knobs. I admit it is quite odd to have loved such a strange item since I was a little girl, but it is true none-the-less. I blame my mother and her parents (Mama and Papa) for my obscure love of vintage hardware. Since we put the offer on our house, I have decided that I want glass door knobs on all of our doors. And, I don't want the new but made to look old knobs, I want the real thing. So, I have started my hunt on ebay for the perfect authentic door knobs. Do you know of any good places to find squeaky old knobs?

I love this red door. Maybe I should paint our interior doors???

Someday I would love glass knobs in the kitchen too.

Anthropologie always has good knobs. These would look beautiful if I can't find the real thing...

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Matt and Amy said...

I know a few antique/thrift stores in the area that have these. Want to set aside a special day in early July to go hopping from place to place? With maybe a pit stop at Chick-fil-a (even though its no where near the shops..)?