Friday, April 22, 2011

Tigers, Elephants and, of course, Bunnies

Happy Friday!!!
I am so excited that the weekend is near. We have lots of fun stuff planned: movie night, meeting with our realtor, having a Passover Seder with some good friends, and then Easter. I also have a bit of work to do over the weekend, but it is for some fun new projects so I am actually excited about working over the weekend!

Both African Cats and Water for Elephants start today. I am SUPER excited about both and am not embarrassed at all to admit it. I basically love any movie about animals and this one is actually supposed to be pretty good, and Water for Elephants is one of my favorite books from a few years ago. I don't normally like movies based on my favorite books, but I am going to give this one a try. If nothing else, it will be nice to see Robert Pattinson playing a living being instead of a vampire. What new movies are you excited about?

These movies (and Easter) have inspired my animal post today. Hope you enjoy.

I spotted this picture awhile ago on Pinterest and think it is breathtaking. There is a genuine sweetness about the photo, and the tiger actually feels human-like through his big, thoughtful eyes. If anyone knows the photographer please let me know.

This mask on The Paper Cut Project is one of a kind. Can you believe this is all paper? Truly remarkable. Check out the site for much more.

This is a great print by twoems

 Another great old photograph that embodies the sweetness of children. How cute, right?

 This is one of my favs of all time. Richard Avedon really knew how to capture true beauty.

The circus and elephants (found here). Did I mention I was excited about Water for Elephants???

 Too cute to not share. I love bunnies, but haven't had very good luck with them as pets :(

 The colors, motion and fluidity of this print are what make it great. I would love to have it on my wall.

 And a fun one to end the post. This little bunny from Stitch Face is too cute. I don't even really need the actual creature - I just really like his mug shot. He looks a little mischievous, huh?

Happy Easter Weekend!!!

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