Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anticipation: the Royal Wedding

I must admit, I am completely caught up in the Royal Wedding hoopla. I am planning on watching it in "real-American-time" which equals 4am tomorrow morning with my awesome cousin and some other girls. Reid is thrilled that I am not waking him up to be a part of the festivities.  I think every woman in the world has, at one point in her life, dreamed about being a princess. And, Kate seems to be the perfect example of a great, slightly-normal girl meeting and falling in love with a prince. I will fill you in tomorrow about our little British party. For now I wanted to live through some of histories great and beautiful royalty, plus how awesome are the above commemorative PEZ dispensers??? This might be the best of the best from the absolutely cheesy souvenirs that are available for this wedding. I mean, seriously, who wants expensive Wedgewood china with their silhouettes? Count me out. 

 Grace Kelly is the perfect actress turned princess. She is such a classic Hollywood beauty. Seen here on her wedding day.

I love early pictures of Queen Elizabeth. She looks so innocent and fresh. This is such a sweet engagement picture of her and Prince Phillip. 

 Princess Margaret looks beautiful here, and this photo seems so ideally royal.

Are you doing anything for the royal wedding?

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