Monday, March 21, 2011

The Beauty of Natural Light

Over the weekend, Reid and I took the first baby steps towards buying our first home. We are (or I should say were) both a little intimidated by the whole process, and so we decided that for our first time out we would just stop by a couple of open houses in one of our favorite neighborhoods. Turns out that looking at homes is a lot of fun! We saw about five houses yesterday, and the daydreaming that came with it was wonderful.

We saw one home in particular that I cannot get out of my head. Why? Because it had an amazing little studio space with TONS of natural light. I didn't realize that crazy amounts of natural light was on my wish-list, but turns out it is. So, I have been aimlessly daydreaming about how my day-to-day work life would change if I had a plethora of natural light streaming in.

Here are some pics that only encourage my wishful thinking. Enjoy!

Wowzers! I could work really long days here...

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Sarah said...

Love me some natural light!!