Monday, January 31, 2011

Dreaming of Lettered Jewelry...

I watched the season of Millionaire Matchmaker this weekend (it is a horrible guilty pleasure, I admit). During the show Patti was wearing this crazy, chunky gold necklace that spelled out HAHAHA. On her it seemed a bit young, but I couldn't get over its graphic and typographic nature. Simply put, I want it and instantly became mildly obsessed with finding it. After way too much time searching, I still couldn't find anything about the necklace or its designer, but I did find the same necklace (seen above) on Emma Stone from her October Nylon cover. It is pretty awesome and so is she. Does anyone out there know where to find it???

I didn't want to end the post on an unattainable note, so below are a few pieces of typographic jewelry that I have been obsessing over.

I have been in love with this necklace by Isette since last year at Renegade. I just need to bite the bullet and buy it.

World Charm's "This is a Necklace" necklace is so witty and beautifully designed.

Max and Chloe's monogram jewelry is elegant, sophisticated and classic. While I was growing up my mom had a small monogrammed necklace just like this. I loved it as a little girl and I still love the look today. Maybe someday I will add this to my collection.


lagunabeachpch said...

Hey I have got THE spot to get all the mono gram jewelry from The Orange County housewives stylist in Laguna Beach. She also makes the Bachelor necklace and the one seen on numerous shows.

A must on the shopping list.

kolomyjka said...

Hi! i have this magazine issue. and it says:"hahaha necklace by janis by janis savitt.
I hope this will help!