Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This post is WAY overdue. Sadly, back in January 2008, my actual thesis work took over all my good intentions of blogging about the process and progress. So, Tailored, the thesis is DONE. The final product was a success and I graduated with my MFA in May 2008. Since then I moved to Chicago, started my own freelance design company, began teaching at a college in downtown Chicago, and got married to a wonderful guy. A lot has changed, but my passion for creative things is still ever present. Honestly, since moving to Chicago it is working in overdrive. I am constantly inspired by my urban and cultural surroundings, my students and my life in general.

Today, I gave my class the assignment of creating a personal creative blog. I want my students to start focusing on inspiration, design research and the dreaded design writing. There are a lot of assignments and projects I give to my students that I actually want to do myself. This blog is just one of the few that I am actually going to follow through with. So...

Introducing – TAILORED 2.0 – the blog about all things creative custom to my life. Basically, this will be a simple, creative outlet where I post my design concepts, art ideas, books, fashion, interior design, photography, and anything else that inspires me and my work. I hope you enjoy!

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